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About the Immortalist Society

History of the Immortalist Society

The Immortalist Society began its existence as the Cryonics Society of Michigan back in the 1960's. Its first President was the person generally acknowledged to be the "father of cryonics", Robert Ettinger. Mr. Ettinger had developed the concept of cryonics over a number of years, culminating in 1964 with the publication of his central work on the subject entitled The Prospect of Immortality. Accepted as a "Book of the Month" club selection, this volume basically launched the concept and ultimately resulted in the formation of organizations to try to put the theory of cryonics into actual practice. The Cryonics Society of Michigan was one of these. Later, the Cryonics Society of Michigan changed its name to the Cryonics Association. Finally, it became the Immortalist Society, in part to coincide with the title of Mr. Ettinger's initial work.

The Immortalist Society originally was formed, in its days as the Cryonics Society of Michigan, for the purpose of making cryonics a working reality. In subsequent years, however, its mission somewhat changed with the Cryonics Institute (also founded by Mr. Ettinger and three other individuals) and other organizations being more directly involved in the practice of cryonics by placing individuals, after proper preparation depending on the circumstances, in cryostats (devices designed to hold things at ultralow temperatures) and maintaining them. The Immortalist Society eventually switched its mission to one of education and research. The educational aspect is carried out both through this website and through the publication of its magazine which is entitled Long Life. Research has recently been carried out under the direction of the Immortalist Society by Advanced Neural Biosciences, Inc., an Oregon based company. Further, in order to increase interest in and participation in an effort beneficial to both traditional medicine and cryonics, the Immortalist Society has launched an effort to raise fifty thousand dollars which will be put up as an Organ Cryopreservation Prize.

Memberships in the Immortalist Society are of two kinds. Associate membership is available at a very reasonable and modest cost and entitles one to receive a copy of Long Life magazine. Full membership is available at the rate of $75.00 and entitles one to full membership privileges, including the right to hold elective office. Full membership also, of course, includes the receipt of Long Life magazine. While readers should note that, again, the Immortalist Society does not provide direct cryonics services itself, it does concentrate on research and education directly involving and related to cryonics. Joining the Immortalist Society offers an informative and low cost way to get involved in the exciting and world changing concept of cryonics! Further, donations to the Immortalist Society are tax deductible under the United States Federal Tax Code.

LONG LIFE: Longevity through Technology (formerly known as and entitled as The Immortalist until September 2006) is a magazine that is normally published on a regular basis by the Immortalist Society. Contributors vary from month to month. Contributions by and coverage of the Cryonics Institute and the American Cryonics Society tend to be regularly included, although the magazine is completely independent of and not owned by either of those two organizations. The magazine attempts to provide information regarding both cryonics specifically as well as material that the editorial staff feels would be interesting to those involved in the exciting field of cryonics. The magazine, under its two titles, has been published since 1970.

Immortalist Society Officers

The Immortalist Society elects its officers on an annual basis. They serve one year terms each and then the whole slate of officers is up for reelection at the next annual meeting. Officers serve from January 1st of the year after they are elected until the last day of December of the year after they are elected.

Present Immortalist Society officers are:

To Join the Immortalist Society

An easy way to do so is just to contact us by mail or email and let us know. Our mailing address is: Immortalist Society, 24355 Sorrentino Court, Clinton Township MI 48035. You can also reach us by email at if that is more convenient for you.

An Associate Membership in the Immortalist Society is only $25 per year in the United States, and includes an annual subscription to the Immortalist Society's magazine LONG LIFE: Longevity through Technology. Please note that Subscriptions/Associate Memberships in Canada & Mexico are $30; Europe air mail, $52; Australia or Asia, $62.

Full membership in the Immortalist Society requires annual dues of $75, which includes an air mail subscription to LONG LIFE: Longevity through Technology anywhere in the world. Full members are eligible to vote in the society and stand for office. Joining the Immortalist Society is a relatively inexpensive and quick way to get involved in the exciting world and concept of cryonics. Each member has the satisfaction of knowing they are helping to contribute to a world changing and life saving concept, both for themselves and for those they care about.

Please send in your membership application by mail with check or money order enclosed to Immortalist Society, 24355 Sorrentino Court, Clinton Township MI 48035 USA (payable to Immortalist Society). We also accept credit cards (VISA, MasterCard and American Express) by phone or via PayPal. If you wish to pay with credit card by phone, please call (586) 791-5961. If you'd like to pay through PayPal, please visit for more information. When making payments to the Immortalist Society via Paypal, the address to pay to is

Free Sample of Long Life Magazine

If you'd like a free sample issue of Long Life magazine, just mail or email us a request, along with your mailing address. We'll be more than happy to send you a sample copy, absolutely free and with no obligation on your part. We'll also send along additional informational material on the wonderful concept of cryonics from the Cryonics Institute.

Authors interested in submitting articles, items of news interest, or letters to the editor should write the editor care of:
Immortalist Society, 24355 Sorrentino Court, Clinton Township MI 48035 USA.