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Donate to the Organ Cryopreservation Prize Fund

(the "Cryoprize")   


To make a  donation to the  Organ Cryopreservation Prize Fund, you have several options:

1)  You can make a direct donation through PayPal by going to their website of Make your donation You can also use the handy buttons below. Just click on the one you need. Make sure you have the e-mail and password that you use for Paypal readily available. (You can also use Paypal to make a donation with VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. Just look near the bottom at the lower left of the Paypal page that the buttons will take you to. Thanks!)








2) You can use a credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express) manually just by calling The Immortalist Society at (586) 791−5961. Please have your credit card information handy.

3) You can mail your money order or check to to the Immortalist Society at 24355 Sorrentino Court, Clinton Township, Michigan 48035-3229.

4) You can donate via Facebook by clicking here.

Donations are  tax deductible  under the United States Federal Tax Code

(For those who came to the donation information by a direct link, more info on the organ cryopreservation prize, and some info on the use of prizes in general, can be had by clicking here. Those interested in reading the rules of the prize may click here.)


Thanks so very, very much for your interest  and help in furthering one of the research aims of the Immortalist Society. Scientific research has been the "mother's milk" of much of the progress of mankind. The determination of thousands of people down through the ages to understand the origins of sickness and death and to fight against these two scourges of mankind have been the reason that so many of us today benefit from the marvelous advances in medical science. Those of us in the Immortalist Society feel that our efforts in setting up the Organ Cryopreservation Prize are just another step in that long and honorable tradition. By contributing to this effort, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are trying to be of assistance in a very worthy cause.



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